Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back in Bisbee!

After two days of traveling, I'm back in Bisbee! The Hillcar, however, isn't yet. It is on the back of an A+Z Auto transfer truck. The driver says it's getting a lot of attention, and everybody loves it!

That's because of it's subject matter, HILLARY CLINTON! Oh, let's do talk about Hillary, shall we?
There is talk of people giving up on Hillary. I for one will never give up on Hillary, and I bet if your reading this you won't either!

The Hillary Clinton Army is awaiting orders from our Commander and Chief, Hillary Clinton! The moment she gives the word, we are ready to go!
I can't wait to for the "Million Women March" on Denver. I'm thinking the H.C.A. should have it's own presence in the march, so we can begin thinking about costumes and stuff.
My week on Martha's Vineyard was great! I needed to recharge my batteries and touch base with family and friends. I've been on the road for two and a half months! Whew! The beach really did it's magic for giving me back my energy!
Now that I am back home I plan on making T-shirts, Hillary art, etc. for plenty of ammo for the convention.
Of-course I have to get back to making a living and all that stuff, but the rest of the time it's H.C.A., ALL THE WAY!
Are ya with me?


kcmustang said...

100% "In Gretchen Everyone Trusts" I-GET

thanks for continuing onward and inpiring me

El-Change-O! said...

I trust you will be marching in Denver? Let's start making a plan!

Anonymous said...

Denver - a good idea! Ain't over till it's over (the lady in the pantsuit hasn't said so)!

Nice YT vid on our next, brilliant, admirable, honourable C-I-C:

- although I don't think we really need to wait till '12 for a HRC presidency. No Quarter blog a good read to learn more about the scariness of B0. (Ok, will stop there.)

Glad to see you made it back to Bisbee safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks for the Hillcar pic! Nice to see Hill's smile on the side of that automobile!


Anonymous said...

I hope there will be alot of people to knock some sense into the demos party. Nobama is not right for the job you tube it there is alot of stuff out there.