Thursday, June 19, 2008

There's got to be a morning after, or partying Bisbee style part 2

There was no shortage of laughter on Brewery Gulch last night. Stand-up comedienne Doug Stanhope had us all in stitches. I laughed until my face literally hurt!

Doug brought New York comedienne Rick Shapiro along for an added treat!

Everybody loved the show, including Doug and his wife Bingo!

After the show, we all commenced to partying!

Doug and Bingo then invited everyone back to their house. Lucky Kate got to be our designated driver!

You gotta check out Kate's Hillary Clinton steering wheel!

Doug and Bingo's house is really cool. I love their cereal collection!

Even the future Mayor of Bisbee, Betty Lindstom, was there!

At this point I apparently forgot to take more pictures, but we had fun until the wee hours sitting outside under a full moon!
I hope you enjoyed this virtual party adventure. The great part is you don't have to suffer the hang-over like I do!


love23 said...

GB, Just back from the pool, and of course since I was the designated driver, I don't have a hangover, but enjoyed all the fun. Great shots by the way, Doug looks really handsome! Bingo is always stunning no matter what look she is sporting! Good times were had by all!

Big Mama said...

My head felt like an elephant had stepped on it!!! A gallon of water, some tylenol, and a two hour nap put Humptey Dumptey back together again. If you're gonna play - you're gonna pay! I really wish The Observer would publish Doug's opinion of the Gulch situation! It was so funny it actually made me snort!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Gee, it just goes to show if you have that much fun, you have to pay for it - the next day! How would Tylenol stay in business without you!

So, Bingo's husband is on Comedy Central? She could be a comedian herself - so cute! Sounds like a blast!

El-Change-O! said...

Ya, Tylenol was my friend today! Can we blame the full moon? I loved Doug's letter to the editor the best too!

love23 said...

As luck would have it, they did publish the letter in the paper! In it's totality. It's super fantastic reading it today!

Big Mama said...

Thanks for the heads up about The Observer Kathleen! I will go to Plaza first thing in the morning and buy one (or two or three - I might need to share a few copies!)