Sunday, June 29, 2008

Inner Child part 5

I think it was at this point that I realized my inner child looked suspiciously like.... Hillary Clinton!

Well, well, who knew?


love23 said...

These are GREAT! Gretchen, I heard a rumor thru Leigh, via Shawnee, that you two are celebrating your anniversary tonight? So maybe you don't know about this, but it's cool whatever happens. I like that you came on here and answered about the MELMAC! xoKATE
PS If I wasn't still unpacking and not wearing just a slip, I'd sneak down now and drink some white wine with you. See what develops on clearing the table for said MELMACING

kcmustang said...

lol ...kate crack me up

love23 said...

Glad you feel that way! Can't wait to entertain you in Bisbee with Gretchen and introduce you to all our crew, and especially Judy Nagle in Tucson! xoKATE