Friday, December 26, 2008

Another fascinating person!

It seems you can't swing a dead cat in Bisbee without hitting another fascinating person!
Last night I went out swinging dead cats and who should I hit but the lovely Jill Japan!

Jill and I talked about the reasons why we are so lucky to live in this little town of Bisbee, Arizona.
This town rare gem for many reasons, the main one being the people who live here.
Whether you are a millionaire or you live on the street, whether you are young or old, educated or not, whatever you do for a living.... this is not important. What is important is who you really are and what you bring to the table.
Most people here have traveled far and wide and chose Bisbee as their home because of these unique qualities.
This is a great place to find the freedom pursue your dreams, and the support and encouragement from those around you to actualize them.

I, for one, am very thankful.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm such a sap... tearing up again! I love Jill, and Walter is just about the nicest person I've ever met, full of talent as well! We are a lucky and rare community indeed!

kcmustang said...

i think i may just be destine to live on the streets of Bisbee!

love23 said...

So glad I read about Bisbee in the New York Times, in 1979, and that it's image of B mountain and Lawrence Ferlinghetti drew me here! Thankyou to the Universe for this twist of fate to get me out of Pennsylvania, now 27 members of my family have followed me here too!

bisbohemian said...

This is what Walt asked the assembled table a couple of days ago... how did we end up here... and then the follow up... and definately harder question to answer...

what is it about you that makes you fit into the "Bisbee Mentality"?

It took me about 30 minutes and a trip back to the attitudes and interests of my grandparents to explain it.

So, I challenge you... oh Bisbee residents: What is it about YOU that makes YOU be able to live here? Relizing that plenty (thank God) of people would run screaming at the thought of living here...

Dig deep... there is a reason you are here... what is it? or why is it? but better... who are you that you are here?

Damn.. that was deep... :-)

Charlene said...

Deep indeed, o' bisbeebohemian! Being a new "member" of the Bisbee Tribe, I can only say that if it grabs you - it grabs you and transforms you. I am undergoing that transformation as we speak and will get back to you if the process ever ends. Having moved here from California this past summer, I could not be happier (and definitely never more entertained).

I can only hope to bring to the table even a small part of what all of you are gifting me with....incredible!

p.s. I second that as far as Walt & Jill being just so awesome. As are ALL THE BISBEE-ITES

Yep, thankful thankful thankful is me....

Charlene said...
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