Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Grace Jones Christmas!

I'm not really a Christmas kind of person, but since it involves colored lights, glitter, costumes, food, parties, and GRACE JONES!
I guess I can get into it a bit!

Merry Christmas, everybody!


Tour Wonk said...

Love that vid! love me some Grace Jones! And..of course... love you!

Last year Xmas was all about getting ready to go to India... this year it's about the beach and getting ready to drive home in less than a week. Weird!

Toulouse said...

We miss you! Put the petal to the metal, baby!

love23 said...

Hey GB, It's weird by I commented on Facebook today to Julia Tucker that my favorite part of the Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special was the Grace Jones part. She had the very great Charo on her facebook. I know you don't even read facebook, so obviously you got the psychic connection! xoKate

Toulouse said...

I guess so!