Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moments in time

While driving up to Tucson tonight I saw nine falling stars. I was feeling excited about this adventure, and was thinking back to a particular moment in time, a long time ago.
We all have moments in time we remember for no particular reason. Perhaps you felt a certain way, or the light was a certain way,. They are vignettes.
Here's the one that caught my fancy.
I was in art school in Boston, I was probably 20 years old. I went at an all-night party where I didn't know anyone. I spent the night talking to a boy in a Max wolf suit, you know, from "Where the Wild things Are". It was a lovely spring night, so we spent it sitting outside.
"Max", for I think that was actually his name, was telling me fairy tales.
But that's not the moment I want to write about.
Dawn was coming and I needed to go home, so I found the "punk rock" friend I came with. It was the eighties after all.
We walked on the train tracks the whole way back to Boston. The sun was rising behind the tall buildings in the distance, and everything was glowing orange and red. The city looked beautiful. I believed whole-heartedly at that moment that anything is possible.
On that note, I say goodnight.


Charlene said...

Indeed anything IS possible. I love your story, Gretchen. Awesome, really! Love the nine falling stars....very auspicious. And, a full moon as well!

love23 said...

Gretchen, We saw the giant full moon rise over Tucson skyline earlier this evening, and Gregg saw one shooting star on the ride home, the rest of us had our eyes closed. The Bombshelter's Christmas Party was the BOMB! Have a great adventure, I know you will, with love, KATE

El-Change-O! said...

Well, I think this should be a fun trip, no matter what happens.
Plus my friend has a pool in the building, ya hoo!

bisbohemian said...

Well, after 2 weeks in the grey dreariness of Seattle, it was nice to get back to Bisbee - even if only for a couple of hours (I am going back to Seattle this afternoon).

Diane and I went out to the Rancho in McNeal and as we were having wine and pizza (yes, Virginia we are frontiers-people...just modern ones) under the canopy of stars, clouds and moon, we saw a couple of meteorites trailing across the sky. You could see them individually break up as the stream of particles faded off behind them.

THAT is the reason I live in Arizona!

Enjoy your time in NYC, but know this... the is NO place like home!

NYC has absolutely NOTHING on Bisbee! What we saw last night in McNeal, you literally cannot buy in NYC for any amount of money: A night under the stars with friends, a good wine... and ARIZONA wrapping all around you, consuming your senses....

NYC, been there, done that... got the dirty, stinking T-shirt to proove it... Arizona is my home.

El-Change-O! said...

I agree with you, david. Bisbee is my home and I'm always happy to get back t it!
I am looking forward to the MET and to Hillary though!

love23 said...

I disagree David, I LOVE NEW YORK CITY, and need the THRILL of it at least yearly. There is so much there I could never get sick of it. I grew up 65 miles away and will never ever say been there done that to the beautiful big APPLE. I choose to live here and have for 26 years, but nothing is like NYC and nothing is like Arizona. Both unique and way different. Gretchen check out the store fronts etc. etc. etc. I know you love the thrill like I do, it will recharge you and inspire you to come and make new art back here. Wish I could be there. Remember those days on the raft, and how much fun we had you busking in the subways and making amazing art. New underestimate the power of an amazing art magnet.

Tour Wonk said...

That was a great post GB...

I'll be missing you in NYC but I'll see you in a couple weeks in Bisbee.