Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fashion field trip!

Today I'm hitchin' a ride on a fashion field trip. As you all know, the H.C.A. needs a new look. No more low ranking camo for this army! We've all been promoted to higher ranking officers. We need a new look immediately if not sooner!
My apologies that I can't take everyone along on this trip, but I'll take photos along the way.
I wonder what kind of new looks await us?

Oh Goddess of Fashion, smile on the H.C.A. today!

I leave you with this inspirational video....

Even Louise congratulates Hillary!

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Jess said...

Sigh... wish I could have gone... but nooooooo, I get stuck cleaning and re-arranging the living room... (pout) and then later, spending time with the family! (Insert a grimace on face here)AAAAAAgggghhh...shriek... my inner 'Louise' is coming out! My only comfort is the great pics I will see here later on. On that note, I will be checking back every half hour after 8pm tonight...