Sunday, December 21, 2008

Toulouse is a hit in Bisbee!

Toulouse worries about how his molting problems and his love of Hillary will be greeted in Bisbee.
He shouldn't have worried ... everyone in Bisbee absolutely adores him!
Here's a few photographs from the party.

Mo, hostess of the party, is horrified at first, but soon loves Toulouse!

Please press "PLAY" for accompanying " Passenger ( pigeon) " song By Iggy Pop

"MARTHA" was the name of the last known passenger pigeon in existence, who died in 1914. My grandfather, from Martha's Vineyard, talked about seeing these last survivors.
Who knew there is still one remaining passenger pigeon?

Suzanne quickly falls in love with Toulouse.

Marnie already adores Toulouse!

She had just visited the scene in New York, to great results, a few weeks earlier!

I'm glad that Toulouse hasn't flown all this way from New York for nothing!

Kate Pearson is the number one all-time bomb!

Bill, Josie and Toulouse!

Heather and Tououse share a quiet moment.

Martin and Julie with Toulouse.

Christine just says YES!

G.B , Christine, and Toulouse!

Roxanne remembers...

Forever Margaret!

Fred and Toulouse

Julia in the mirror

Julia thinks Toulouse would make a great Christmas tree star.

Shawnee with Toulouse

Thank you Mo and Kevin for such a wonderful party!
Toulouse and I had a great time!


Flying Mermaid said...

FUCK! I forgot to go!

El-Change-O! said...

Hello! We were missing you! Mo was wondering were the hell you were!

julia said...

What a night! Mo was wearing one of the greatest dresses of all time. Suzanne never fails to dazzle and I wish I could send out that picture of Roxane and Toulouse as my Christmas card instead of my ho hum family. My favorite picture is of Shawnee with the sunset. Thanks for the memories, Toulouse!

love23 said...

How great to check out the photos while listening to one of my all-time favorite musicians, Mr. Dearest Iggy Pop! Have you seen that 50 year old plus six pack! What a rebel. My favorite photo is that great one of MO on the stair case that's a brilliant shot! Betsy Johnson vintage! Mo is beautiful inside and out and really knows how to throw a party! Also very partial to the Bill and Josie shot, Josie always melts my heart. Loving Toulouse as Gretchen's newest DADA expression.

love23 said...

Love the added photos, keep them coming. By the way on second viewing that very last shot of SHAWNEE is really amazing! Sunset, his suit, your love for him, makes this photo really over the top!

Tour Wonk said...


What a shindig!
Everyone looks faboo!!! And more importantly, Talouse was the hit of the party!!!

You were all a sight for sore eyes. I guess I should stop looking into the sun.

Jess said...

I love the pic of Fred! Ha!

Charlene said...

Awesome awesome shots! Incredible party. I'm slowly, but, surely recovering from the party and uploading some on my blog as well. I've got some great ones of you and Toulouse, too!