Monday, December 29, 2008

Maria Bello, we need you!

The Top Secret Plan, "Operation Bello", was foiled last night when actress Maria Bello failed to appear at "Cafe Roka", where I work.

Maria is engaged to the son of one of the H.C.A.'s highest ranking Sergeants, Sergeant Etta.

Maria and Bryn talking with Etta at the premiere of "The Mummy".

I met Maria and Bryn the other day when they were shopping with Etta at the local vintage store. When I spotted that Etta had made reservations for four last night, I jumped to the wrong conclusion, and began making preparations for "Operation Bello"!

Maria and Bryn

I guess I can reveal the Top Secret Plan to you now that Maria and Bryn have left town.

"Operation Bello" involves getting Maria to dance on a table-top wielding a sword, like in the movie, "Mummy, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor", in which she stars.
The plan involved a fabulous bottle of wine I had set aside, a table on an empty floor, more wine, and a wooden sword.
My boyfriend Shawnee promised he would build a studio for me in the month of January if I could accomplish this nearly impossible feat.

You see, my life's work as "Art Ambassador for Hillary Clinton" can begin in earnest just as soon as I have a studio!

This plan involves all of you, Dear H.C.A., as we are all "Art Ambassador's for Hillary Clinton", and we must start somewhere.
You must admit, this is a ridiculously stupid "Hillary Clinton Army" place to begin!
We MUST get Maria to dance on a table top for us A.S.A.P.!
Our future depends on it!


kcmustang said...

Agreed you must get Maria to dance on a table top! if anyone can get someone to spontaneously dance or do a jig, it is the HCA. Can't wait to read mission accomplished!

Charlene said...

Wow! I guess I'm not up on my "famous people radar". I saw them both days of the weekend at the Hi Desert Market where I work. Duhhhhh.....If I'd known, maybe I could have enticed her with a breakfast burro or perhaps a blueberry yogurt muffin and cup of coffee so she'd dance on the table there. Sorry!

El-Change-O! said...

Little did you know the future of the universe depends on it!

Charlene said...

Oh Oh - I feel like such an HCA failure? Please don't demote me!

Charlene said...

And, KC Mustang oughta know....we got her to spontaneously dance a jig at the Copper Queen. She attempted to instruct HCA member Roxane (aka Club Roxane) to do the jig. It was somewhat successful. KC knew her jig, though!

love23 said...

Hey Gretchen, Let's get this girl dancing! xoKATE

kcmustang said...

ha ha ... Charlene i still have no idea how you all got me to do the jig... which has only occurred at weddings, reunions and St. Patty's day party or two or three or ...