Sunday, December 14, 2008

Below zero with my Hill-mints

I'm waiting for my connection in Denver. It's snowing and minus zero degrees. I'm feeling prepared and dressed for the cold. I've got on a warm hat, scarf, coat... and then I remember, oh crap, I'm inside the airport!
I just purchased some "Hillary Mints" ( oh yes I did!) and I'll be getting on the plane in a few minutes.


Charlene said...

Hill Mints - ooh....souvenirs! I hope you're not planning on sporting those shiny leggings in the sub-freezing NYC weather. Then again, FASHION FIRST....ok,ok, I'm getting the big picture.

Can't wait to hear even more!

love23 said...

WOW snow and all. Kathy was gonna probably change her mind about flying to Portland tomorrow morning as it's snowing there. Good luck on all the fun stuff! xoKATE

Jess said...

Ha, when I first read your post headline I thought it said, Hill-mitts... I was picturing some cool Hillary mitts keeping your hands all toasty. Hope your trip went swell.

El-Change-O! said...

Actually, here in New York it's warmer than it's been in Bisbee lately. Go figure!