Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blast-off to NYC!

A special H.C.A. meeting was held tonight in the disguise of a book club and the vote was unanimous, I should go to NYC as "Art Ambassador for Hillary Clinton" next week!

I still have the issue of money but as they say, budget? Fudge-it!
They invented credit cards for just these kinds of emergencies.

But let me just remind you, as "Art Ambassador for Hillary Clinton" these made on-sight, one of a kind art pieces will be soon worth a FORTUNE! You can buy yours now for only 100.00, help Hillary retire her debt (snore), AND help sponsor the blast-off into a new era of Hillaryism!
You don't want to be kicking yourself later!
Take it away, Nina!


Louise S. Monkey said...

I'm trying to raise some funds by selling some organs off... you know, just the ones I don't ever use...heart, liver, brain...

love23 said...

Budget Fudget! Oh yeah, I think that means you will go. By the way, Leigh and Suzanne just left! It's 2:20AM!