Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Toulouse hits New York!

We were invited to an ASPCA party last night, so we talked Toulouse into getting over his shyness and coming along.
What a better party to go to than an a party for animals, we told him.

So we hopped into a taxi and off we went!

By some strange fate, who should we run into at the party? It's fabulous Cousin Jane! Leigh Carter's cousin!

This spells trouble. I met Jane the last time I came to New York and we got into all kinds of antics. How strange that we should meet again. I think Kelly, Ed and I must have been psychically calling her, because we had been talking about her quite a bit a on my visit.

Jane fell instantly in love with Toulouse, and Toulouse went crazy for Jane! I think he's in love. He can't stop gushing about her.
Jane used to live in the very building Toulouse lives in, and she knows all about the bell tower.
Toulouse always loved Jane from afar. He imagines himself to be "Mr. Rochester" and she, "Jane Eyre".
He often used to call out her name on his lonely vigils in the bell tower.

Toulouse made lots of new friends last night, like "Bizaro" Dan, who writes the comic strip, "Bizaro".

Toulouse's concerns that people wouldn't like him at an ASPCA party, because he looks, well, taxedermied, were way off base.
He was the hit of the party!

All that posing was hard work, so we decided to blow the party and go eat!

Toulouse was having the time of his life, and what better place to eat than at an Ethiopian restaurant where you can walk all over the food!

No one even seemed to mind!

So much fun, so many new friends, Toulouse thinks he died and went to heaven!

Toulouse makes a few calls to plan for an after-party in the bell tower.

( Strange fun fact about the bell tower. Ed and Kelly say it has been locked for months. They were shocked to find out I'd been hanging out there with Toulouse all day. I think he must have unlocked the door for me).

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Toulouse must say goodbye to his new friends. Everyone is so sad!

But wait, the fun's not over!
Toulouse is throwing the after-party in the bell tower!

I've only known Toulouse for such a short time, but it feels like we've been friends forever!

But you must start flying now, Toulouse, to get all the way to Bisbee!

It is time we must leave New York.
Don't worry, Toulouse, Jane will be coming to Bisbee very soon, and Ed and Kelly will be there on Sunday!

Fly, Toulouse, fly!


Roxane Slaughter said...

Amazing pictorial. Wish I were there.

El-Change-O! said...

You will meet Toulouse very soon, Roxanne!
I wish I could hear your show tonight!
Is Davy Jones all set to sing?

love23 said...

So much black, so much New York! Wow that's so cool that you found Jane. I just called Leigh and told her Jane was on your blog!

Jess said...

What fun your having with him! I simply can't wait to meet him!

Louise S. Monkey said...

Better living with inanimate objects!

Charlene said...

Awesome photo journey with Toulouse! I think another book may be in the works as he finds his "wings" so to speak. NYC and then Bisbee! What other adventures might he find? One can only imagine....