Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton Army needs a new toy

It seems to me the kids of the H.C.A. are in need of a new toy.
We must keep dreaming... it's part of our job description.

Perhaps we need to ask Hillary to give us a special mission.
What kind of mission I don't know.
Any ideas?

Here's one hot off the press from Disco Jeri!

"Hey Gretchen!

The idea is the new Hillary Clinton Army of Art Ambassadors...
The army you lead will be a creative army...of women artists who paint in Hillary's path...everywhere she goes, around the world!

Here's the detail...We need a correspondence secretary to connect with women's organizations worldwide to spread the word to other women to participate in this mission..

There will also need to be a press secretary who will coordinate exhibitions and painting events of women artists in each city where Hillary does international business with the media.

I also suggest that we think about having international exhibitions of artwork throughout her tenure as Secretary of State.

Your thoughts General? Sgt Disco Music"