Friday, December 12, 2008

"The Loma Linda" and Hillary Clinton's birthday party

As you know, I am starting to plan next year's party for Hillary's birthday now.
We will have our first "H.R.C. Birthday Committee meeting" after I return from New York.
Until then, let's take a sneak peak into "The Loma Linda", Bisbee's most fabulous mansion.
This will be the location for the party.

First of all, you need to meet Mo. She and her husband Kevin own "The Loma Linda", and live there with their five children.
To know them is to love them! Mo, by the way, has chosen Ester Williams regarding the post below.
Mo has been a big part of the H.C.A. since the beginning. She's an amazing artist, lots of fun!

(Mo and daughter Lilly).

Is everybody ready? O.K., Let's go on a tour! Yippee!

As seen from the Hill-copter.

Well, what are we waiting for, let's go in!

Mo, Kevin and the kids, can often be found quietly sitting in this room reading Voltaire. Well, maybe not.

Mo can often be found practicing her dramatic, sweeping entrances on the Grand stairway.

Here's where Calexico will play.
A perfect party palace!

Fun Facts:
"The Loma Linda was built in 1907 by renowned architect Henry C. Trost. The home was designed to be the private residence of Mr. Walter Douglas, a civil engineer who was to head the worlds largest copper mine in Bisbee, Arizona.
The home, which is situated on almost two acres, also features some of the most beautiful unobstructed views of the Sierra Madre mountains to the south in Mexico".

This concludes our tour for today!
I can't wait until next Oct 26th!
More info on Loma Linda


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