Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To everything there is a season. Turn, turn.

And there is a theme for every season too. I didn't know this until last night, when Dan schooled us about how important it is to give each season a theme. It makes life so much easier, he says.
We decided to give it a try.
I hope this information will make your lives easier too!


"Friends and Family".
Dan made this one up and is currently in the middle of it.


I made this one up. It's like Rumspringa for nuns! Ya hoooo!


"Shroud of Mourning"

Jane made this one up. It's very serious. You have to wear shrouds, hang out at cemeteries, eat alot of junk food, and put on a lot of weight.
Teenagers love "Shroud of Mourning".


"Fallen Priests?"
Jane also made this one up. You have to squeal the words when you say them, place special emphasis on the question mark, and crunch up your face like your trying to get away with something.
You want to keep going on the eating and mourning theme, but question whether others are going to go along with it.

Now that you understand about the seasons, I imagine your wondering about the real reason I came to New York.
But I've been blogging my brains out all morning, so I'm saving this story for the long plane ride home!
The best is yet to come!


love23 said...

Actually I am glad to see that Jane has white on. She's such a darling rebel!

love23 said...

PS Love the seasons especially the Rumspringa reference!

El-Change-O! said...

I can't wait until Spring!