Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Debbie Harry,

By Toulouse LaPigeon

Dear Debbie,

I have decided to leave my bell tower in New York for the winter, and will be back in the Spring. I miss you and carry an old photo of you and I together, everywhere I go.

Life here in Bisbee is fun.
I've made a new friend named Louise who is a sock monkey. She has been teaching me about the finer points of Christmas and why it is the best time of the year.

There is an abundance of food and parties at this time of year. After years of living on stale bread crumbs I can't believe my eyes!

The pate is so abundant in Bisbee, nobody seems to mind if I take a walk on it.

There seems to be no end of wine here. Louise and I took a refreshing bird bath in the wine cooler.

Then we hung around by the red wine ( my favorite) until Gretchen busted into the private stock, and opened up a bottle of the good stuff for us!

Louise had to go home, but I stayed a while longer and played in the Christmas stockings.

I see what Louise means, Christmas is really fun!

I know you are busy, Debbie, but please write when you can.



Charlene said...

Hey Debbie Harry....don't ignore our dear Toulouse. He misses you so.....

Louise S. Monkey said...

Deb, still waiting for those gold lame stockings back...

Jess said...

I'm tearing up over here... Poor Toulouse, she had better wright him back!

jess said...

WRITE... sorry, I am a fool.

Toulouse said...

Yes, we may all have to get after Debbie on this one!