Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monster in Manhattan

If your looking for me in New York, here's where I'll be staying. In the Bell tower of the London Terrace Gardens.
I am told Chelsea Clinton once lived in this building!

Wow, soon I'll be drinking champagne in a fabulous penthouse suite in New York, as "Art Ambassador for Hillary Clinton"!
I must take this moment to reflect.
I'll never forget my humble beginnings, as a young monster living in New York on the Dragon raft. Life was so simple then.
When I was hungry, I simply foraged through the nearest dumpster. When I was tired, I simply scaled a sea wall, climbed onto some icy pilings carrying my two dogs, retrieved my row boat, and rowed out to the raft. When I needed money, I simply carried all my artwork, display cases, and my dogs off the raft, and stood in the freezing cold on Prince Street all day.
Life was so easy then.

But look at me today! I'm a monster enjoying the high life as Hillary's Art Ambassador!


Anonymous said...

Here is a tip. Stock the place you are staying at with some top shelf booze, some nice snacks and a mixed CD ready to go. You never know how these things might go. Hillary could just want to discuss the lively arts while enjoying a festive atmosphere. Fortune favors the prepared mind!

love23 said...

Gretchen, I remember that beautiful building in Scranton, PA. Doesn't that seem eons ago! By the way, I am over here assembling a calendar on my photo site, and I was thinking, surely you may need to head over here and make a Hillary Clinton calendar for your use in 2009. They are 40% off until December 14th. I could make it happen for you quickly with all the photos I have taken that are already uploaded to the photo site I use. I know the AMBASSADOR is busy, but think about it. xoKATE

El-Change-O! said...

Wow, great ideas all around! "Fortune favors the prepared mind". I love it!
Yes, about the Hillary calendar, Kate!

Charlene said...

Wow....from such interesting beginnings to being a delusionally happy art ambassador to Hillary Clinton. Right on!

Congratulations! I look forward to following the photo-op blogging experience. You go girl!

El-Change-O! said...

We've come a long way, baby!