Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Fashion Trashion

Here's a couple of fashions I made for New Year's Eve

This coat is made of plastic bags, in each bag is a glow stick, to be cracked tonight.

I made this one a week or so ago, it's made out of tinsel. It is extremely warm.

This is the best of all! This was made by my dear friend Mo McCoy. I love it!
I guess this means it's official.... I AM the Art Ambassador for Hillary Clinton!

I think it's going to be an excellent year... with Barrack and Hillary at the helm, we are in good hands!



Chew-Mee said...

Me only have G-String and Eel.Plase bring other Eel 2 "La Roka" dat is if U not toooo hung over to rememba.

Charlene said...

ooh...I will be SO under-dressed compared to your finery! Can I borrow the tinsel coat?

El-Change-O! said...

I will pack the eel!
Charlene, you know I will need it for a costume change! However, I'll bring extra stuff tonight!

Charlene said...

Sounds great! I know I can find something amazing in the bag of tricks! Looking forward to it!

bisbohemian said...

you have officially been 'frocked' as the ambassador...congratulations!

Diane and I will be out on the Rancho seeing the 1,000,000,001 stars...

Have fun tonight!!! Merry New Years!

love23 said...

I can hardley write words after viewing the AMAZING CAPE MO MCCOY made for you! WOW you weren't akidding at how FAB it is. I can hardly await the popping of the glow sticks on that coat, that is truly brilliant, and I watched you make it with a hot glue gun, so I can COPY you some other day with my own version! BRILLIAN all around. I had fun at the lantern making workshop and also visited my brother BUZZ at Elmo's for a Bloody Mary in between laboring over glue and tissue paper and bamboo! HOTCHA, my nephew BRENDAN got that really cool one from the other eve that some wonderful anonymous person made. Later tonight, with aglow! I made two more FAB lighted up things last night that Gregg and I will be using.