Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot damn! My first sponsor!

Many thanks to David, AKA "Bisbee Bohemian", for being the first sponsor to send me to this event!
He will be receiving a fabulous one-of-a kind art piece made on-location at the event, plus he will is helping set the wheels in motion for the next phase of the H.C.A. INTERNATIONAL's "Art Ambassadors for Hillary Clinton!"
This should also provide some excellent blogging material. I will also work on some more CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS while in NYC.
Thanks so much, David!
I need four more 100.00 sponsors, each of whom will receive an art piece created on-location at this event.
Anyone else ready to take the leap and sponsor me?
"Art Ambassadors for Hillary Clinton", HERE WE COME!
I feel quite certain, the value of your art piece will increase exponentially!


bisbohemian said...

Come on one and all.... dig deep to send Gretchen on her (and our) merry way!

ZONGO said...

Wish I could help BB, but I'm a little busy now.I'm sending someone else on a one way ticket to hell real soon.Ooh la la

Stevie Nicks said...

Thank, David.
Zongo, I understand your problem.