Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flam Chen is here!

Tonight's the big night here in Bisbee! Flam Chen rolled in yesterday afternoon and the house is full of woodland sprites.
They are camped out below my house in their bus that got tagged two nights ago in Tucson.

The weather is gorgeous... nearly 70 degrees!
Many thanks to everyone for helping make this New Year's spectacular!
Thanks to your generosity, we've collected over 5,000 bucks in the last two weeks!
Noone can deny, Bisbee knows the power of the party.

O.K., ready,


love23 said...

YEAH FOR FLAM CHEN!!!!!!! I only wish Mission Creeps and APOX could be here too, and for sure why not VENUS!!!! OK, I remember Flam Chen 20 years ago, long live my memories of Jeff!

love23 said...

Many thanks to all the amazing generous folks that are paying for this incredible entertainment night for Bisbee and all the people that come here to see it. BRAVO money donators!

Louise S. Monkey said...

Venus... *sigh*