Thursday, December 4, 2008

Celebrity endorsement from Bill Carter!

Today's celebrity endorsement comes from the International man of mystery, Bill Carter!
Author of one of the most captivating books of our time, Fools Rush In, and award-winning documentary Miss Sarajevo, Bill is constantly on the move.
If he's not traveling the globe for one project or another, he's writing another incredible book like Red Summer.
Internationally-acclaimed Documentaries, books, articles, and lots of top secret projects that I'm sworn to secrecy about, are just some of the intriguing things about Bill. Perhaps his greatest achievement to date is his least-acknowledged.
Here I am of-course referring to Bill and fabulous wife Leigh's contributions to the creation of the Hillary Clinton Army, from it's humble beginnings to the earth-shattering powerhouse that it is today!

Bill and daughter Josie.

"I first heard of the Hillary Clinton Army on my way to Algeria. Hard to believe but someone in the window seat was muttering something about Hillary and her "army". At first I was confused but then when they said something about an art car and a bodacious woman from a small town in Arizona I knew it could be none other than Gretchen Baer.
Upon my return, via Sierra Leone I made a 48 hour stop in Cuba, where I heard more chatter about the HCA, and Arizona. Finally upon arrival in Bisbee, Arizona I found out first hand what Gretchen had done. She had organized the most brilliant junta of art and politics in recent times. All in the name of Hillary Clinton. I joined immediately, even though I have since forgotten all the secret passwords.
My last outing with HCA was on the "Hillary Clinton Island", which by the way was held at a small castle hidden in the middle of the desert. It was all gold, glitter and swimming in togas, all in the name of Hillary. A wild success. As the next 8 years unravel I am sure the HCA will be a fervent supporter of all things Hillary, and Gretchen and her closely guarded cabinet will keep us enlightened, informed and entertained. What else could we possibly want from a political art movement?
I fully endorse the HCA and am a proud card carrying member."

Bill Carter, Bisbee, Arizona


love23 said...

Bill very well written, but of course every word you write is. Little Josie is the apple of my eye, and I cherish all time spent with her. She's the greatest accomplishment you and Leigh have brought to me in Bisbee so far! xoKATE

El-Change-O! said...

Oh, alright, I'll give them that!

ZONGO said...

MMMM AND HIS WIFE HAS SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME OOH LA LA.....BUT WHO THE HELL AM I?....A HINT; I'm sick&twisted and Chew-Mee is my best friend....I love to play games...And I'm a bit of a trickster....So who wants to play a game with me?????

El-Change-O! said...

I want too, but I'm a little scared. What kind of game did you have in mind?

Jess said...

Hey way to go on the (sing, slightly off pitch) Celebrity Endorsments...