Saturday, December 13, 2008

Davy Jones, Art Biographer for Hillary Clinton, and Phyllis Diller

Today I'm running around getting ready to leave tonight for New York. I fly out early, so I have to drive to Tucson tonight after work.
Here's a few announcements, before I'm off and running.

The H.C.A.'s version of Marcia Brady, our own Roxanne Slaughter, has some exciting news!
On her radio show next week, she will have a very special live caller.
Yes, folks.... it's DAVY JONES!
So tune in this Wednesday night, at 7 PM Arizona time to Bisbee radio!

Next up, I thought I'd point out that Phyllis Diller, once "married" Mr. Mickey, of Paper Magazine fame, in Vegas.

I will be meeting Dennis Dermody, also of Paper Magazine, in New York. I will have to ask him what his thoughts on Phyllis are.

Last up, I am sorry I can't attend the "Candye Kane" party tomorrow.
Choosing between Candye and Hillary was hard, but I had to consider the fate of our planet, and Hillary won out.

Have fun everybody!
The Official name for my proposed position as Art Ambassador for Hillary Clinton, will be "ART BIOGRAPHER FOR HILLARY CLINTON". Wish me luck!
I will be blogging and posting my way through New York, so please stay tuned! I hope I will entertain you all, Dear Readers.
Over and out for now!
Love, Gretchen


Jess said...

NEWS FLASH... Em e-mailed me and said Candye came down with a high fever and the show is canceled, but to still come out and party if you wanted too...

Chew-Mee said...

Par-Tay Copter ready but I need U give me the code word for da keys.Beef_ _ _ _ _ CM

El-Change-O! said...

Beef, O.K. Got it. Thanks Chew-mee!

Charlene said...

Have a great trip, Gretchen! Thanks for being our Big Brass Art Biographer for Hillary Clinton. We're cheering you on and keeping up the faith while you're gone. Looking forward to your blogs!

candye kane said...

hey gretchen, i got really sick with the flu and hated to cancel but i am still sick as a dog and its sunday night. of course i understand hillary is more important. I love her and wanted her to be our president. I know she will be eventually.

kind regards,

candye kane